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15 Linkbuilding ProTips

John Doherty —  February 2, 2012
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Recently at our Distilled-a-thon in London, Phil Nottingham decided that he was going to ship some pro-tip videos, which are short videos of under a minute in length, where we gave away some actionable soundbites. We have a lot of really smart people in Distilled, so I decided to go watch them for myself.

HOLY MOLY. The content on our Distilled Youtube page is amazing, with tips being given by everyone from our CEO (Duncan) to our PR Exec (Lexi) and many others, including Analysts and Consultants who are stuck in every day moving the needle for their clients. Watch and learn!

Aim for your dream links (Duncan Morris)

Build Relationships Before Outreaching for Links (Anthony Tuite)

Getting Guest Posts on High Authority Sites (Anthony Tuite)

Getting Links for High Authority Sites (Luke Masters)

Using Buzzstream to Maintain Built Links (Rob Ousbey)

Accepting Rejection in Outreach (Lexi Mills)

Don’t Overoptimise Anchor Text (Geoff Kenyon)

Use Partial Anchor Text with Infographic Embed Codes (Mark Johnstone)

How to Get Links from Your Infographic (Kate Morris)

Sites to Find Guest Posting Opportunities (Hannah Smith)

Getting Links from Youtube (David Sottimano)

Looking for Outreach Contacts (Adria Saracino)

Finding Prospects for Linkbait Outreach (Adria Saracino)

Gmail Canned Responses for Linkbuilding (John Doherty)

Bucketing Outreach Prospects for Templated Outreach (John Doherty)


I hope you watched all of these and found some new insightful tips! I’d love to hear any you have that you’d like to share with the class.

Also, don’t forget that I’ll be sharing the stage with Rand Fishkin, Tom Critchlow, Adam Audette, Justin Briggs, Ross Hudgens, and Rhea Drysdale in April at Linklove Boston. Sign up here to join us!

John Doherty


Founder of Credo, I'm formerly the Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Trulia Rentals. Previous to Trulia Rentals I ran marketing at HotPads.com. Previous to that I worked at Distilled for 2+ years as an online marketing consultant. In my spare time I shoot lifestyle photography, ski, rock climb, and update my Twitter account.

10 responses to 15 Linkbuilding ProTips

  1. Great tips John. How often do you and the Distilled office post new Protips?

    • Well it’s something that we just started and something that I think we’re looking at doing more in the future because they were well-received by the community.

  2. This. was. AWESOME!

    Great job John! You & Distilled have now inspired me to post videos in the future. I think this format of content is way easier to digest than paragraph after paragraph (which I can be guilt of sometimes…)

    I’ll have to say David wins in my book. I’d heard most of these before, but I never knew about the new change to YouTube links. I’ll definitely have to take advantage!

    • Glad you liked it, Jon! Video really is a cool medium through which to transmit knowledge. I’m not sure about the share-ability of it though. I have some interesting stats that I’ve been meaning to share about it.

  3. I liked Kate Morris’ tip the best. Had forgotten that one can search by dragging the image to search field. Thanks John!

  4. This is great for someone like me, who is just getting started in SEO and link building! Thank you!

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