Credo Revenue Numbers

Every month I update this chart to show the true revenue for my business. I believe in transparency and want to show what it takes to build a real business. It takes time, it takes hard work, and it takes a bit of luck as well.

I struck out on my own in October 2015 when I got laid off. It took a full year until I hit six figures in annual revenue run rate (ARR) with the leads business. I’ve supplemented that revenue (and put all of it back into the biz until July of 2016) with my own consulting.

Note: what I am not showing here is my own income. I do take a percentage of Credo’s post-taxes and post-expenses profit and consulting all goes to me for personal lifestyle and savings.

I’ll update the spreadsheet that this pulls from monthly, so check back at the beginning of each month! I’ll also share out other numbers over time as well.