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Top 19 SEOs to follow on Twitter

John Doherty —  March 28, 2011
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SEOs are active on Twitter. When I first started my SEO career, I quickly realized that the best tips and tricks are shared on Twitter, usually by CEOs, founders, and SEOs who have been around the block more than a few times. Topsy refers to these people as “Influential” or “Highly Influential.” I simply call them “Musts.” You must follow and listen to these people. Read the links they post, because they are sure to be gold.

Top 19 SEOs To Follow on Twitter

SEOs on Twitter

SEOs to follow on Twitter

John Doherty


Founder of Credo, I'm formerly the Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Trulia Rentals. Previous to Trulia Rentals I ran marketing at HotPads.com. Previous to that I worked at Distilled for 2+ years as an online marketing consultant. In my spare time I shoot lifestyle photography, ski, rock climb, and update my Twitter account.

5 responses to Top 19 SEOs to follow on Twitter

  1. A very interesting and informative article.

  2. I found you via the #linklove stream….by far one of the best blogs of all attendee’s. If your going to Boston would love to link up and buy you a beer or two!!

    • Hey Alex – thanks for your comment! I appreciate the feedback. Did you go to the NOLA conference?

      Also, I may be in Boston. It depends on how things work out in the next few months, but I would like to be there! If so, I’ll let you know and we’ll grab those beers!

  3. Hey Alex, I learnt something recently regarding the SEO knowledge and power but even moreso when it is shared via social networking websites hence @WestonSMare a SEO sharer for website tools and weekly tips! It’s a shorter version of Blog sharing tips and tools but pretty hard to get across in 140 characters for sure lol. Love the website & if ever in UK PM me for that drink or 2, I owe you & Distilled BIG TIME!

  4. Thanks for sharing this awesome information John. I have been following some them earlier but now I am following all these people, you have recommended.