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A few months ago, I wrote a blog post called “If I did SEO for @everywhereist, I would…“, wherein I gave Geraldine Deruiter, Rand’s wife, advice for her travel blog about some things she could do to her site to improve her SEO.

Through this, she asked me to do a bit of work. I implemented all of the recommendations that I made for her, and through this we saw this traffic increase:

Before she changed around some of the keyword targeting that I did (sigh), I had her ranking #17 for [travel blogger] and climbing.

Now, I think it would be fun to help out some other people with their sites. So, I’m putting out a challenge.

I want you to tell me who I should write my next “If I did SEO for…” post about. It’s as simple as filling in the fields in this Google spreadsheet (no worries, no one else can see what you entered).

Now, there are two rules.

I will spend two hours maximum on the site. I’m giving you quick wins, not a site audit.

I have the sole right to choose to review or not review a site you submit. I won’t let you know that I am doing it until the post is live.

Fair enough? Free SEO advice? Free links?

Come and get it.

5 thoughts on “Free SEO Quick Wins and Links. Recommend Sites!

  1. Such a great idea, John – hope my Twitter followers jump on it.

    Submitted my site. Took a hit from Google during the past events. Moping about it. Also curious to see if I am doing as well as I think I am with SEO. lol

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