Redesigned Analytics

Today I logged into my Analytics account to check some stats and take some screenshots. When I did, I was dealt a great surprise:

What’s Different

You can now compare metrics against each other and see them easily and directly within the original graph that we are used to seeing. I actually kind of like it because it surfaces data comparisons more easily and data is more accessible:

There is also now an easier to access graph that allows you to graph metrics against each other. This is super actionable because you can graphically see where your best traffic is coming from. In my case, it’s my RSS feed:

The buttons to allow you to graph the data are more surfaced as well, and we haven’t lost any functionality as far as I can tell:

Pivot tables are now easier to use and access:

In my mind, the biggest win is speed. Reports now load and show you when the report was generated:

Webmaster Tools data is now easier to process, and the graphing makes the data more actionable too:

AND you can control the number of visits used to calculate reports, thus choosing if you want a quick snapshot or more precision:


Finally, the Admin section is easier to find:



You can also now share Analytics Dashboards! A nifty Share Dashboard link shows up on Custom Dashboards, and when you click it you see this:

Do you have the new Analytics yet? What do you think?

12 thoughts on “Redesigned Analytics

  1. Didn’t have it this morning, switched to my netbook an hour ago and saw it. I literally just sent a tweet out asking if anyone noticed some changes to Google Analytics maybe 2 minutes before seeing your tweet for this post.

  2. Good lord! Did you actually find a use for the moving ball thingy?

    Ive run up against a lot of sampling probems in the standard reporting in the new version, maybe reports will be a better way to go. The new version certainly feels like there is more sampling at lower thresholds than the old version (I could be crazy tho)

    Did you see any definition of what exactly is going on to get the “higher precision sampled data”?

    1. Stephen – I didn’t notice much of a change in the sampling based off quick or slow, but I also didn’t take a huge long look at it (I wanted to get this post out). I definitely noticed Analytics being slower when I moved the cursor down to slower, but didn’t notice a difference in data. What are you seeing?

  3. Nice write-up! I thought my eyes were deceiving me this morning…I mean, how could have the GA interface evolved again?

    Kinda makes you wonder which version GA is referring to in the top menu with the “Make Old Version Default” link 🙂

  4. Yes please!

    Saw this post in my Reader. Read it. Logged in to GA to see if I had the updated version and VIOLA, awesomeness. Kudos to you John for putting this post out so quick. I am extremely excited to be able to share dashboards now! Although, cannot wait to play around in GA tomorrow either. 🙂

  5. I’m glad GA keep introducing these new features. It’s still arguably Google’s best product.

    My fave new feature of recent times: Customise Standard Reports. It’s great for quickly getting more meaningful data from the existing standard reports and means you don’t have to create custom reports from scratch all the time.

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  8. Thanks for pointing out you can share these dashboard configurations with other analytics users. Can’t believe I didn’t see that share option there sooner!

    I really like the new analytics especially being able to get a clearer picture on goal attribution and multi-channel funnels. It’s been really interesting to see how SEO interacts with the PPC, display and email marketing.

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