Agency Consulting

Here’s the deal – running an agency or being a solo consultant is hard. You have many different challenges to deal with daily:

  • Client issues
  • Personnel issues
  • Business development/pipeline issues
  • Budget issues
  • Business growth issues

A lot of marketing businesses (agencies and consulting) have challenges with sales. I personally close ~75% of the work that I pitch, and many times have had businesses who chose to go with someone else come back to me wanting to work with me because the provider they selected at first did not work out for them.

Let me teach you how to:

  • Get the information you need up front
    • As well as providing you the information that you should know before you even pitch work
  • Communicate it to the prospect
  • Build trust with the prospect up front
  • Close better deals by communicating things like pricing and deliverables in a clear way.

Some of my strategies in working with you include:

  • Reviewing your proposals and contracts that you send to prospects
  • Review your process for pricing and communicating that pricing
  • Work with you through individual challenges with specific clients
  • Role play as the prospect to get an understanding of your sales aptitude

About Me

I’ve worked across many different industries as a marketing consultant, so I know the challenges that come from working with clients of all sizes – enterprise, local, SaaS, startups, you name it. I have also worked as an agency consultant, a freelance consultant, and inhouse as a marketing leader and manager.

More than that, I’ve also been a solo consultant and seen over 100 agencies attempting to sell their marketing consulting and services to potential clients. I even wrote some of those learnings here.

I’ve seen a lot and sold a lot of consulting work, and now I am giving you access to my brain.

Here’s what one former coaching client had to say:


If you are interested in my agency coaching services, contact me below and let’s chat.