Statistics for After 6 Months

Six months ago today, I launched this website,, with the post An Introduction. I didn’t even change the URL, so it’s “hello-world-2”. At least it’s structurally correct, right? 🙂

I’m surprised at how the site has grown. Currently there are 93 published articles, which is an average of 15.5 per month. This number is slightly skewed because of conference recaps that I have written, but let’s just say I’ve tried to write a lot of quality and helpful content quickly. Also, traffic has increased exponentially over the months, so let’s take a look at where traffic is coming from, and maybe we can put together some takeaways as well.

Let’s jump into some numbers.

First, here are my site’s statistics for the last 6 months:


Feedburner (RSS) Subscribers

To date, I have 41 RSS subscribers. I’ve had the “What Would Seth Godin Do?” widget installed since mid-June and have doubled subscribers since then.

Overall Traffic

This site has had a total of 9,077 visits since it launched on February 8th. Of all those visits, here is a breakdown by type of traffic:

Here is a breakdown by country:

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic has increased from 50 organic visits in February and 243 in March to 1,520 organic visits in July! The total of organic traffic for the life of the site is (number).

Here’s a graph showing the traffic growth:

Up and to the right!

Breakdown of organic traffic

Even more interesting is where the organic traffic is coming from. For the most part, my site is rocking the longtail of queries, though traffic is beginning to come from one and two-word keyphrases as well.

Here’s a graph of keyphrases that organic traffic is coming from:

Over 76% of traffic coming from 3+ word keyphrases

Social Traffic

Social, of course, is a big driver of traffic for this site. Since 27% of this site’s traffic comes by referral, I thought it would be wise to break referral traffic down by Social and Referring Sites (aka, the sites driving the most traffic to my site).

Here is the breakdown by social:

As you can see, Twitter drives over 75% of my social traffic, which is also 11.5% of my total site traffic. Social can drive a lot of traffic!

Here are the top 10 sites referring traffic to my site:


As all SEOs realize (hopefully), this data means nothing if we do not turn it into actions (thanks Avinash). So here are my goals for the next 6 months:

  1. Increase organic traffic by over double (goal is 8,000 organic visits by next February 7th).
  2. Increase traffic from other social media sites by double as well. I want 200+ visits from StumbleUpon and Facebook each. (So I need something StumbleUpon worthy. Anyone want to guest post an original beginner SEO-oriented infographic?)
  3. Double RSS subscribers by February 7th.
  4. Publish 3 more guest posts.
How has your website increased in traffic in the last 6 months? What goals do you have for the future? What goals do you think I should set?

3 thoughts on “Statistics for After 6 Months

  1. That’s a nice and balanced referring sources breakdown. I’d be interested in knowing the keywords that are getting people there…was hoping you’d have that, you know, just for hoots and hollers 🙂

    1. So I just realized that you probably thought my comment was sarcastic and and was poking jabs at how much traffic you’re getting from Twitter (compared to other reffering sites)…not the case! I was actually referring to the “traffic type” chart, which actually is quite nicely balanced. Just thought I’d clear that up!

      1. Hi Eric –
        No worries! I didn’t take it as sarcastic at all. I really appreciate the comment. I worked for a while on those graphs and I am glad that they make sense!

        Thanks for the comments. Since I now have your email (thanks WordPress!) I’m going to send you a personal email soon.


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