The Week in Links – Thanksgiving 2016

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Happy week after Thanksgiving! If last week was relaxing, then this week begins the final push to the end of the year. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of 2016.

If you have any brain capacity left over this week, here are the best reads I’ve come across recently.

I Used To Be A Human Being (NY Mag)

I look at my phone way too much. I get distracted and finish very little. And I dislike that about myself. In fact, just recently I was riding the New York City subway reading this very article, not paying attention to the world around me. I looked up and there was an advertisement for HeadSpace, the meditation app. Irony? You bet.

This read is a cautionary tale in being too connected. We don’t allow ourselves to feel the real highs and real lows. Basically, we’re always semi-sedated under a crush of endorphins.

Read this post, then think about when you need to disconnect. I know I am.


Check IT out!


Here are some of my favorite reads and listens from the last week. Enjoy!

  1. The Swift Rise–and Fall–of America’s One-Time Fastest-Growing Company (Inc) – found via Wil Reynolds of SEER Interactive, a fascinating (long) read about a company that went big, but then imploded just as fast because of bad business practices.
  2. Silicon Valley Has An Empathy Vacuum (The New Yorker) – I have a love/hate relationship with Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Here, Om Malik nails Silicon Valley’s role in the recent election and gives some thoughts for moving forward.
  3. Nasty Gal’s Path to Bankruptcy (NY Times) – I think Sophia Amoruso is a fascinating entrepreneur, and I’m really sad to hear this is how things are going with her business. Here’s to hoping they can turn the ship around. And if you want to hear a great interview with her, check out Chase Jarvis’s on CreativeLive.
  4. Backlinks from Sites You Own, Clients, etc (Moz) – for you marketers out there, this recent Whiteboard Friday from the Wizard of Moz himself, Rand Fishkin, is important for you and your clients or business.
  5. The Calculus of Grit (RibbonFarm) – I recently came back across this article that I initially read a few years ago, originally shared by Tom Critchlow. Want to rethink what it takes to be successful? Read this.
  6. Write Like You Talk (Paul Graham) – as a counterpoint to the above, Paul Graham from YC has some pertinent thoughts on writing styles. Some write and hit publish. Others edit heavily. But no matter what you do, be true to yourself.
  7. Stop Chasing A Seven Figure Income. Get To Four Figures First (Medium) – we all have to start somewhere. If you want to work for yourself to get rich, stop right there. If you want to do it to get famous, stop right there. You have to start somewhere and build as you go. Get to a four figure income first (which is very doable) then build from there.

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Until next week –