Who’s Hiring in SEO?

I need a job imageEvery day it seems that I hear about another company that’s hiring, so while I’m working on another business idea, I thought I’d aggregate together all of the jobs that I currently know about in the SEO space:


Title: Lead SEO Consultant

Location: London
Experience: 2-4 years
Salary: £35-£40k
Special consideration: Valid UK work permit or citizenship required




Title: Lead SEO Consultant

Location: New York, NY
Experience: 3-4 years
Salary: $65k+, depending on experience




Title: SEO Consultant

Location: Seattle, WA
Experience: Not necessarily required
Salary: $30k-$60k depending on experience




Location: Seattle, WA
Title: Search Marketer
Experience: Not necessarily required
Salary: $30k-$45k depending on experience



Location: Seattle, WA
Title: Marketing Oracle
Experience: Not stated
Salary: Competitive



Location: Seattle, WA
Title: Head of Team Happiness (HR Head)
Experience: At least 7 years
Salary: Depending on experience (competitive)



Location: Seattle, WA
Title: Community Attache
Experience: SEO experience/knowledge preferred
Salary: Competitive


Location: Tampa, FL
Title: Entry Level Internet Marketer
Experience: HTML/CSS and SEO industry tools
Salary: Depending on experience and skill set




Location: Tampa, FL
Title: Blogger Outreach Specialist
Experience: Not stated, but an understanding of PR, blogging, and WordPress preferred.
Salary: Depends on experience.




Location: Tampa, FL
Title: Social Media Marketing Assistant
Experience: Not stated, but some required
Salary: Depends on experience

Outspoken Media

Location: Troy, NY
Title: Internet Marketing Specialist
Experience: 1-2 years
Salary: Based on experience

SEER Interactive

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Title: SEO Account Manager
Experience: Minimum 1 year
Salary: Competitive


Location: Cambridge, MA (Boston area)
Title: Inbound Marketing Consultant
Experience: Not listed
Salary: Not listed


Location: London, UK
Title: Junior SEO Executives and SEO Consultants
Experience: None to a few years
Salary: Negotiable
Special Considerations: Need a valid UK work permit

OneClick Ventures

Location: Greenwood, IN
Title: Senior SEO Specialist
Experience: 2-5 years
Salary: Competitive depending on experience




Location: Greenwood, IN
Title: Marketing & SEO Specialist
Experience: Entry/none
Salary: Depends on experience




More hiring:

Yodle, looking for Associate SEO Operations Analyst

Ayima, hiring UK and US Consultants as well as writers.

If you know of any more, please leave them in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Who’s Hiring in SEO?

  1. Hey John!

    Can I give a shout out to our firm who is also looking for SEOs? Thanks for tweeting like a mad man to keep us slackers up to speed on searchlove presos.


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  3. John

    Wow, if you can learn SEO, you can have a job. How fantastic is that in ‘this economy’!

    ALSO, create a google alert with this query – site:craigslist.org seo | search engine optimization -“services offered”

    I did, and I get about 2-6 SEO jobs listings on craigslist emailed to me every day.


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