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Here are the recaps and summaries of the multiple SEO conferences I have been lucky enough to attend, such as Linklove, Searchlove, Mozcon, and SMX.

*If you haven’t read it, check out the Searchlove Day 1 Recap before reading this post*

Searchlove New York day 2 started out with a bang. People rolled in looking a bit bedraggled, but mostly none the worse for wear, from the previous night’s Halloween party. If you want to see pictures of some of SEO’s finest looking great in Halloween costumes (we had Steve Zizzou, Buzz Lightyear, a cowboy with a horse, and Waldo, just to name a few), check them out here:

Chad Burgess (Harry) and Rand Fishkin (Steve Zissou)

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The first ever Distilled Searchlove conference in New York City happened on Monday and Tuesday, the 31st of October and 1st of November. Being a Distilled employee in New York, I was privileged to attend the entire conference and to get to lead a table on Panda First Aid as well, which I hope was beneficial to everyone who attended. Aside from the parties (which are always awesome), the content was top-notch. I am consistently blown away by the amount I learn at conferences, and this one did not disappoint.

In the past I’ve recapped Linklove, which almost killed me, ProSEO Boston, and Mozcon (which also almost killed me). For this one, even though I live tweeted the whole conference (which almost killed my fingers), I’m not going to do a full recap. Instead, I want to follow suit in something that Will Critchlow has taught me and give you some actionable bits and bobs from each talk.

Let’s rock and roll.

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Mozcon Day 3 Recap

John Doherty —  August 1, 2011

Mozcon Day 3 was the biggest and baddest of them all. Where else do you get Adam Audette, Martin McDonald, Brian Carter, Avinash, Kate Morris, Mat Clayton, and also a Rand Fishking/Will Critchlow head-to-head?

Friday was incredible. Adam Audette killed it with complicated architecture, Martin wowed us with his “creative SEO” skills and the possibilities, Brian made us laugh and showed us how to get a lot of FB likes and shares, Avinash got a standing ovation for an Analytics talk, Kate Morris live brainstormed on stage and showed window washers how to get links, Mat Clayton showed us how to drive thousands and thousands of visitors to our sites using just social media, and finally Rand and Will faced off in an epic dual that took two votes.

I’m tired just writing all that out. Here are links to the presentations:

How Big Brands Can Compete in Tough SERPs with Adam Audette

Creative SEO with Martin McDonald

Going Viral on Facebook with Brian Carter

How to Brainstorm and Design Viral Content with Kate Morris

Measure the Right Things and Achieve Magical, Analytics Awesomeness with Avinash Kaushik

Social Design: How to Co-Mingle Social Features & Earn Traffic with Mat Clayton

Head to Head: Stealing from the Web’s Best with Rand Fishkin and Will Critchlow

Avinash Kaushik, the Digital Marketing Evangelist for Google (how cool is that title?), turned our worlds upside-down at Mozcon on the most unexpected topic – Analytics. Avinash didn’t take the usual approach to Analytics and try to wow us with his technical mastery, though ultimately he accomplished that goal as well. He took the approach of showing, and converting, us to the power of Analytics and how it can be used to build revenue for businesses. His approach is unconventional, but makes the world of sense. His take on building out Analytics dashboards (which you can download here) even earned him a standing ovation!

If you don’t already, you should

Here’s his Storify recap:

My phenomenally smart coworker Kate Morris took the stage after lunch to talk about brainstorming viral content. I heard what she was speaking on during lunch, and knew from that point forward that her talk would rock. It did not disappoint.

I think what surprised people most were the tools that she and the Seattle Distilled team use: A brain, a whiteboard, and a marker. Here’s what equals viral brainstorming:

You should

Here’s her Storify recap:

Brian Carter followed Martin to teach us his ways of going viral on Facebook. His style verged on hilarity a lot of time (I think my favorite quote was where he said “If Alex’s talk last night was a Ted talk, this is a Bill & Ted talk”), Brian delivered solid information that had all of us awed. His main points were about just how smart it is to advertise on Facebook, because right now click through rates and the cost per customer are at Adwords levels circa 2003. Basically, if you’re not on there, you’re dumb.

Here’s his Storify recap:

Put quite simply, I love listening to Martin MacDonald present. I heard him at Linklove (read my recap of it here). I missed a bit of Martin’s presentation at Mozcon due to after-party woes (and free massages in the lobby), but luckily others had their minds blown.

Martin presented on “Creative SEO”, on which he went down the Fishkin-Rains scale:

Here’s his Storify recap:

Adam Audette had the joy of waking us up on Friday morning, which as anyone who has attended Mozcon will tell you is the toughest spot to have because Friday morning is the morning after the Garage party. Adam, however, started with a bang and showed us real examples of how he has worked creatively to work with complicated site architectures to drive large amounts of organic traffic to sites like Zappos.

Here’s his Storify recap:

Mozcon had the amazing opportunity to listen to Facebook’s Director of Growth, Alex Schultz, talk about Facebook’s Hidden Marketing Opportunities. In a Ted or Steve Jobs-esque talk where he wowed us with incredible insights without any slides and just a big FACEBOOK blue screen behind him, Alex’s information was both powerful and actionable.

Here is his Storify recap:

Stephen Pavlovich was a completely unknown name to me prior to Mozcon, but after his presentation he is a name that I am going to look out for. Stephen has successfully tested and driven more traffic to websites of all sizes, and he gave us a lot of tools and ideas to use for testing websites.

And here’s his Storify recap: