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*Note from John – This is a guest post by Matt Gratt, who recently struck out on his own to follow his dream of being an entrepreneur. Matt is someone I’ve respected for a while, so it’s a pleasure to have him guest post here! You can find him on his blog, Twitter, or Google+.

While you can’t put glasses on a search engine, you can make it look smart.

This was an eventful couple of months in SEO – BuildMyRank and other blog networks were de-indexed and shut down. Google began sending webmasters warnings of negative links. And expert SEOs have reported that major aspects of anchor text weight have changed.

So what does all of this mean? And more importantly, how can SEOs continue to deliver the traffic, sales, and ROI that clients expect and businesses need in this time of unprecedented change?

We need a sustainable strategy – not a series of escalating tactics. And the  sustainable strategy is very simple…

Make Google look smart.

Make Bing look smart.

Make whatever panopticon of vertical search engines, semantic text crawlers, Siri-like smart agents, and social decision engines the future brings look smart. Continue Reading…