SEO Opportunity Analysis

Let’s face it – 90% of recommendations in SEO audits are worthless.

I focus on the 10% that will move your business forward.

Get a snapshot of your SEO opportunity before committing to SEO as a growth channel for your business.

I am actively taking on SEO Opportunity Analyses projects! Please get in contact below on the page, or directly at

Price: $899, delivered within 2 weeks.

Are you considering investing in SEO as a growth channel for your business, but you’re not sure if it will be worth the investment? Maybe you’re talking with agencies and they’re telling you that you HAVE to invest, but you haven’t seen the numbers and you’re not sure the investment makes sense. Or, you haven’t started conversations with agencies or budgeted because you’re just not sure.

If the above describes you, then you’re in the right place.

Money is tight right now. The economy is weird.

Which is why you need to understand if SEO, coupled with content marketing, is a viable channel for your business before investing tens of thousands of dollars in it.

Hi, I’m John Doherty, and I can help you get clarity on SEO (and content marketing) as a channel.

Over my career, I’ve worked with and for companies including The New York Times, Travelex, IHG, Zillow, Trulia, Aalto (real estate), Arrows (onboarding software), Maybe (financial modeling software), and hundreds of B2B SaaS companies. My work has led to hundreds of millions of dollars in additional revenue for these companies.

I’ve also built by own companies through SEO and content marketing, including:

  • Credo has helped 7,500+ businesses with $250,000,000+ (yes, million) in monthly marketing budget as they seek to grow their business through hiring.
  • EditorNinja has edited 7,200,000+ words of (mostly marketing and blog) content in just over 18 months, resulting in more traffic and more leads for customers.

This means I can not only talk the talk, but I’ve walked the walk.

Maybe now you’re saying “That’s cool, John, nice work. So how can you help me?”

What An “SEO Opportunity Analysis” Gets You

An SEO Opportunity Analysis is your chance to get my 15 years of SEO experience, across every type of site and niche imaginable, on your business’s SEO opportunity.

You get:

  1. My 15 years of experience analyzing your site and competitors;
  2. A document outlining your search opportunity as derived from your current site and your competitors;
  3. A strategy on how to acquire that search demand to your website;
  4. An optional 30-minute Zoom call with me to discuss the document and answer any outstanding questions you have.

I offer these analyses for just $899. Your spot is reserved as soon as you pay. 

When I offered these in 2022, I sold out for 8 straight weeks.

“That’s great,” you’re saying, “but how can you help me get clarity? Can you show results from the work you’ve done for others?”

Bien sur, my friend.


In 2018, I did an SEO opportunity analysis for Wenbin at ListenNotes. He executed on the opportunity I showed him, and look at this growth:

I’ve since done opportunity analyses for the following companies, to name a few:

  • (Hubspot onboarding software)
  • (form software)
  • Let’s Talk Talent (UK-based talent management consultancy)
  • FreshEBT (food stamp app)
  • File Request Pro (file request software)
  • (financial services software)
  • SoVocal
  • FileInbox

Some of the results that previous analysis recipients have seen include:

  • A 22% increase in ranking keywords (SaaS).
  • A 163% increase in monthly organic traffic (in just 7 months for a SaaS company).
  • A 351% increase in organic traffic, coupled with a 70% increase in qualified leads (B2B).

Here’s a snapshot of what I recommended for one company:

As you can see, my style is not fluffy. I’m not going to bluster and bellow and evangelize SEO when I don’t think it’s viable for you. If I do think it’s viable for you, then I’ll tell you that and show you how to see that opportunity through.

And it all starts with an SEO opportunity analysis.

A Bit More About Me

Hi, I’m John. I’m a serial entrepreneur and founder of (content editing services) and (find the right marketing agency).

I’ve been a professional marketer since 2010, and I’ve used SEO to build my businesses and career. I first became familiar with SEO in 2008 when I was a partner in a publishing company based in Switzerland.

I then did SEO full-time and professionally for 8 years, from 2010 to 2018, for a range of well-known clients such as The New York Times, IHG, Travelex, and most online real estate marketplaces.

I also worked in-house with Zillow, leading marketing and growth for and Trulia Rentals.

I also ran an SEO consultancy from 2015-2018 as I bootstrapped Credo. I also worked with hundreds of B2B SaaS companies via Dan Martell’s Growth Accelerator program, where I was the marketing advisor from 2021-2022.

I heavily believe in the power of SEO and content marketing to build a business. I’ve even built my companies using these as our main acquisition channels. That said, not every business has the same opportunity, and not every business should invest in SEO!

That is why I offer these SEO Opportunity Analyses – so you can finally answer the question “Should I invest in SEO for my business?” without paying an agency who is incentivized to always tell you “YES.” In fact, I’m not even available for ongoing SEO consulting right now.


How To Get Started

“Ok ok John,” you’re saying, “I’m convinced. How do I get on your calendar?”

I’m so glad you asked.

Schedule a time to speak about it, if you have remaining questions:

Some Social Proof

Here are a few quotes from people I’ve helped:

I worked with Credo to understand our company’s opportunities around SEO as well as what our main competitors are doing to beat us. The insights we gained for the price we paid far exceeded our expectations, and now we feel confident moving forward with another piece of our marketing puzzle in place.

Jake Solomon, Director of Product Growth at Propel

John helped me identify key low hanging fruit to improve my SEO ranking and optimize my content. He helped me map out concrete next steps and a game plan for my team and I to execute on. John knows his stuff and knows what truly matters when it comes to organic traffic and optimization!

Brian Casel, ClarityFlow

John Doherty is an SEO expert. He quickly got to the point and showed me clearly what I had to do to improve my site. He has high integrity and takes client service very seriously.

Richard Martin,