Conversion Rates Are Dropping

Well, today was an interesting day in my SEO world. After an eye appointment this morning (unrelated to SEO, obviously, though it did make seeing my screen a bit harder), I went into work and started firing off linkbuilding emails that were ready to go out.

So far, so good (except I still had trouble seeing my screen).

Then I get an email from my boss, saying traffic had dropped, as had conversions on our site. I then dive into Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to try to figure out what’s going on. I find that traffic is aboutthe same overall, but many of our major keywords are not bringing in the traffic they were last month. Mostly, though, the issue is that our site is not converting the traffic like it used to.

So we’re learning some lessons now. We made some changes last week that may need to be rolled back, or at least A/B tested to see what is going on.

Sometimes when you have made a lot of changes recently, it is impossible to pinpoint what caused the drop or rise. Maybe we need to implement slower and do some testing beforehand, and not just throw the changes out there. This is hard in a small company where everyone’s voice and opinion counts as much as the next person.

Has anyone out there had this happen? Had you restricted some pages to tighten the conversion funnel? What was the root cause?