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Hi I’m John Doherty. I’m the founder of Credo, a business that connects great businesses with the best digital marketing providers. Longterm, I want to kill the RFP process. This page is my /now page, inspired by @sivers and @tomcritchlow.

I live in Denver Colorado. I sometimes work from home where I cowork with my 90lb black lab mix named Butterbean (his Instagram hashtag here) who is currently chasing squirrels in his sleep as I write this. I’m a growth marketer by trade, formerly at agencies and in-house with some Zillow brands, but I am now a fulltime entrepreneur.

Here is what I am up to these days:

  • Building Credo by increasing demand leads and onboarding supply as needed
  • Scaling a product and building a team
  • High level marketing consulting and SEO consulting for select companies. Rarely doing ongoing consulting in 2020 while I concentrate on Credo. I am always available for Clarity.fm calls booked in advance.
  • Writing on this site, the Credo blog, and Medium.
  • Partnering with smart businesses in the marketing/connection space.

My goals for 2020:

  • Grow Credo revenue.
  • Grow as a leader and build a repeatable scaleable company.
  • Be a present dad and husband.
  • Buy a truck.

If you’re interested in any of the above, get in touch! john at getcredo dot com gets me directly.