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How to Brainstorm Viral Content with Kate Morris

John Doherty —  August 1, 2011
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My phenomenally smart coworker Kate Morris took the stage after lunch to talk about brainstorming viral content. I heard what she was speaking on during lunch, and knew from that point forward that her talk would rock. It did not disappoint.

I think what surprised people most were the tools that she and the Seattle Distilled team use: A brain, a whiteboard, and a marker. Here’s what equals viral brainstorming:

You should

Here’s her Storify recap:

John Doherty


I'm the new (as of October 2013) Online Marketing Manager of Hotpads.com, soon to be based in San Francisco. Previous to Hotpads I worked at Distilled for 2 years as an online marketing consultant. In my spare time I shoot lifestyle photography, explore new and interesting food in New York, ski, rock climb, and update my Twitter and Google+ accounts.