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I take a lot of photos when I travel. I put them on my lifestyle and travel photography website. I think that photos have a way of showing us the world in a different light, and they also hold great power to remind us of powerful memories from past times in our lives. It is my hope that these images, and others, will inspire you to travel more and experience life as fully as possible.

Here are a few of my favorite shots:

Osa Peninsula Beach Playa Pinuella

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  1. Hey John, I’ve seen your name around as an internet marketer, but didn’t realize you were also a photographer. You have some great shots! I’m in PPC professionally, but photography is something I enjoy on the side.

    • Thanks Jason! It’s something I do for fun on the side. I put a lot of photos on my Instagram feed (instagram.com/dohertyjf). I hope to start taking more around NYC once I get a new wide-angle lens!

  2. No idea you were a photographer too. Great work John, keep it up.

  3. hi Jhon,
    I have stumble on your blog post on Moz(very useful post)
    and came to know that I end up knowing you are a great photographer.

  4. Great shots John,
    I see we share the same tastes, marketing and photography, I invite you to stop by my blog.

  5. Hey John,

    You should visit Northern Ireland sometime, we have some great scenery for photos (the Giant’s Causeway in particular) and there is also a great digital marketing and tech scene in Belfast these days.

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