Why You Are Your Company’s Best Marketer

“You can hire an outside firm, but you’re always your best marketer.” – Abraham Lincoln

I’m an online marketer working for a marketing agency, working with big brands and small scrappy startups to drive more traffic to their sites via online means, usually through great content. But when a company brings us in to be their marketing, I want to scream and then point them to my post SEO is NOT Your Whole Marketing Strategy.


Because I believe that you are your company’s best marketer. Think about it. If you work for the company, or even better founded the company, how is an outside consultant going to be more passionate or knowledgeable about your company than you? Clue: they’re not!

Outside consultants like myself can be great for pointing out where you need to be going next with your content or your site, or for finding issues with your website that you need to fix. We can maybe even spot issues with your business plan (please allow us to share these concerns with you) and teach you how to find guest posting opportunities on relevant sites in your niche. We can help you develop a content strategy and maybe even build out tools for you to use going forward to make your life easier marketing your site or product online. Shoot, I’ll even give you different sites and products like PayWithaTweet to use when launching awesome new content!

But I will not do all of your marketing for you, because I do not know your business nearly as well as you do and will never be able to.

You have these advantages over an outside consultant:

  1. You already know others in your industry that you can connect with;
  2. You know how the industry works behind the scenes;
  3. You probably know who your competitors are.
  4. You hopefully have friends in your industry as well.

When you bring me (through the company I work for) in as an outside consultant, I can help you with reaching out to these people and help you phrase a request for a link. Maybe I’ll tell you to write a guest post on their site instead (or get one of my writers to do it) so that they don’t have to take time out of their busy day to do it. Even friends sometimes don’t have time for friends, so I can assure you that business acquaintances often will not either.

When it comes to writing about your business, you will do it better than I will. I’ll do my best to represent your business’ voice and products if you need me to write page titles and meta descriptions. But what would be even better would be for me to help you find the right keywords to target and then you have an internal resource write them alongside my guidelines. Your site will look better, I promise.

Finally, be willing to take risks. Create phenomenal amazing content that you’re not sure you’ll see an ROI on. I can almost promise you…phenomenal amazing content with the right marketing strategy will bring you an ROI in one way or another (links, social mentions, branded searches).

Just don’t rely on us to do all your marketing for you. You are your best marketer (and you should listen to us, because we do have some great strategies sitting around…)

Thoughts? Disagreements? Let ’em rip in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Why You Are Your Company’s Best Marketer

  1. You are so right once again.

    I have sent people to the article about SEO not being the only strategy. I work at an agency and we get clients from fields so mind numbingly diverse its like starting from scratch with each one. Some are obscure new ideas and some are long established with tons of competition, of course each has their challenges.

    And absolutely NO ONE can get the word out like the owner. We are just the sling shot that throws the stuff out in to the world – they got to give us the stuff!

    Keep up the great posts!

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