Creative SEO with Martin MacDonald

Put quite simply, I love listening to Martin MacDonald present. I heard him at Linklove (read my recap of it here). I missed a bit of Martin’s presentation at Mozcon due to after-party woes (and free massages in the lobby), but luckily others had their minds blown.

Martin presented on “Creative SEO”, on which he went down the Fishkin-Rains scale:

Here’s his Storify recap:

2 thoughts on “Creative SEO with Martin MacDonald

  1. cheers for the writeup mate

    – there were a few tweets that you missed though, my favourites were comparing my talk to @wilreynolds one, and “wow @seoforumsorg is an evil genius” was a particular favourite!

    1. Ask and you shall receive! I added in the “evil genius” one and a few others, but couldn’t find the one comparing to Wil’s talk. Send it to me and I’ll add it in!

      And sorry for misspelling your name. Your name is the kryptonite to my good spelling.

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