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*Update* I run Credo, which seeks to match great companies with great consultants. Go there to find your next trusted consultant! If you’re looking for Denver-based help, check out my profile page on Credo.

Every week numerous companies contact me seeking my freelance SEO consulting services. However, even though I am a consultant and occasionally take on new clients, I often am full. In that case, I can find you the right person or agency through my service Credo.

Seeking SEO Services?

If you are a business seeking a freelance online marketing consultant, I would love to connect you to the right person. I have put together a list of reputable SEO specialists who do amazing work and charge fair rates for their return. I also have a post about How To Hire An SEO Expert that you should read.

If you are seeking cheap SEO services, this is not the place for you. All of these consultants charge market rates because they are the best at what they do.


Full transparency: Credo is free to businesses looking to find a consultant. Consultants pay for access to the platform.

12 thoughts on “Hire An SEO Consultant

    1. Hi Rita – thanks for your comment. It is free for businesses looking to be connected to a consultant. There is no cost to the business. Consultants pay a small referral fee once a contract is signed.

  1. Have you partnered with any SEO consultants in Australia and if not, are you open to doing so? Totally with you on the “not cheap” part. Cheap SEO is exactly what is damaging an already wounded industry with all these “experts” promising top rankings for keywords that can produce hundreds of thousands in revenue… and charging $300 for it!

    1. Hi Bertrand! Right now Credo is focused on english language businesses, though if there is a French-language business needing a French-speaking consultant I could help them find one as I know many and speak French myself.

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