Mozcon Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of SEOmoz’s 2011 Mozcon was once again packed with incredible speakers, including one of my favorite SEO speakers and also a super nice guy, Wil Reynolds. We also had the joy of listening to Stefan Weitz from Bing talking about structured data (which was not a yawner, by the way) and Alex Schultz, the Director of Growth for Facebook.

Here are links to the Storify summaries of all the speakers:

How to Earn Outsized Returns in Paid Search with Bill Leake

Schema-ing: How to Catch The Wave for the Next Generation Web with Stefan Weitz (Bing)

Long Tail SEO in a Post Panda World with Matthew Brown

Paid + Organic: Better Together with Melanie Mitchell

How to Earn The Links the Lazy Linkbuilders Buy with Wil Reynolds

Oyster Hotels: A Case Study in SEO with Eytan Seidman

Leveraging Community for SEO + Social Boosts with Kristy Bolsinger

Conversion Rate Optimisation: Developing a Process to Increase Market Share with Stephen Pavlovich

Facebook’s Hidden Marketing Opportunities with Alex Schultz

Happy reading!