Do You Still Take “Nofollow” Links Into Consideration For SEO?

The other day I saw Rand Fishkin’s tweet linking to this article that shows that, as Rand says, “evergreen content that ranks beats everything else:”. I am, of course, inclined to agree and because I can’t  keep my mouth shut on topics like this I tweeted this:

Then an interesting discussion happened between myself and Patrick Coombe, who is someone that I respect and value his opinions. He raised the point of nofollow links and how some people still think that there is no (business) value in them. This was the discussion (full tweet discussion here, image below because Twitter’s embedding doesn’t work like I need it to): nofollow-tweets At one point in that discussion I said this, to which Rand replied that now that I’m no longer at a big company, I may think differently:

Obviously I believe that there is business value in high-authority nofollowed links, but I’ve come far away from thinking about links as “followed” or “nofollowed”. So, I am curious as to the rest of you. Do you still think of links as follow/nofollow, or is a link a link?

The poll closes in 2 days and I will publish the results after.

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5 thoughts on “Do You Still Take “Nofollow” Links Into Consideration For SEO?

  1. Hi! This is my first opinion here so I just thought to give a quick shout out and tell you I genuinely enjoy reading your blog posts.
    Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics?
    Appreciate it!

  2. I still know a lot of SEO experts who doesn’t mind having a nofollow links. At some point in my online marketing career, I still find it useful especially for traffic. But there must be caution in using them and that is something online marketers must remember all the time. If people are quite confuse about it, I think they must do their own research if it still works on their website.

  3. Well, being a newbie in blogging, I just got to know about the dofollow and nofollow and read it somewhere that i need both type of links to rank.

    But i have a question in my mind, I read that, Nofollow links does not pass any link juice, so why should i create links, which does not get my blog anything?

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