The Distilled London #Linklove Conference Recap

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The Distilled Linkbuilding Conference, hashtagged #linklove, took place on Friday, March 18th at the Congress Centre in London, UK. I was fortunate enough to attend, and was one of very few Americans present (I assumme all you Americans are going to the New Orleans Linkbuilding Seminar next week, right?

The conference began with a bang as Duncan Morris, one of the founders of Distilled, introduced the day and announced the #bigdistillednews that they had been so secretive about, yet were using to tease everyone for a few weeks prior. Here’s the news: Distilled is opening an office in New York City in June, and Tom Critchlow is moving to the States (semi-permanently, I presume) to run it. Wow! Distilled on the East Coast! That’s huge.

Now on to the speakers (what you’ve all been waiting for, I know). Each speaker had 45 minutes to both deliver their speech and to answer a few questions from the audience. The final session was a Give It Up session where each of the speakers gave one (or two or three) tips to the audience.

Iยดm not going to share the links to the tools given, simply because I think it is the up to the owner of the material to share it. If they give me permission, I will share the tools.

Wil Reynolds

Jane Copland

Russ Jones

Tom Critchlow

Paddy Moogan

Rand Fishkin

Martin MacDonald

Will Critchlow


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7 thoughts on “The Distilled London #Linklove Conference Recap

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  2. John,

    To say you did a good job summarizing #linklove would be an understatement. Your tweets and blog post(s) were largely the reason I chose to not go to SESny and ask my company to send me to NOLA seminar instead.

    Unfortunately, I began reading most of your stuff before I knew I was going so I hope its not all spoiled for me ๐Ÿ™‚

    The 1 question I have for you is this (and you may have answered it in a post I haven’t read): which of the tips or techniques you learned do you realistically see yourself testing out, either on your site or a client’s. Often times I feel like industry experts tell us about cool ideas that we’d like to try but don’t get a chance to for whatever reason. So, what’s your favorite one?

    1. All of Paddy’s Moogan’s tips are incredibly actionable. I am going to try to really apply Tom Critchlow’s as well, and Will Critchlow gave great points about automating. He told me “Automate everything but content and relationships.” I think that’s great advice to take.

      But I really recommend ALL of Paddy’s tips. They were phenomenal!

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