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John Doherty —  May 24, 2012
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Here’s my current state of mind:

I haven’t taken a “real” break in a number of months (where I completely unplugged), so that’s what I’m doing right now at the Mountain Film Festival in Colorado. I’m mostly offline from Thursday afternoon to Wednesday.

I’ll be honest and say that I’ve hit a bit of writer’s block recently.  I’m really looking forward to this break so that I can come back fresh and do well for my clients and in my writing on this site.

But never fear! I have an excited guest post set up from my coworker Chris Warren though. I’m really looking forward to what he has to share with all of you, because he’s a really frickin smart dude and a great marketer.

See you next week!

John Doherty


Founder of Credo, I'm formerly the Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Trulia Rentals. Previous to Trulia Rentals I ran marketing at HotPads.com. Previous to that I worked at Distilled for 2+ years as an online marketing consultant. In my spare time I shoot lifestyle photography, ski, rock climb, and update my Twitter account.

2 responses to Vacation

  1. have great vacations John!

  2. Anthony Pensabene May 25, 2012 at 5:09 pm

    It appears from Thursday to next Wednesday, Doherty “is going Jack Kerouac on everyone’s ass…” haha