Content Marketing Webinar Video

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing a webinar entitled “A Guide to Content Marketing” alongside Greg from Zemanta. During the hour-long session, we sought to give tips and tricks about content marketing for everyone from a small business operator to professional SEOs listening in as well.

My favorite tip, one that I use frequently, is the value of having a place where you can store ideas as soon as they arrive. Often, ideas that go into your idea-holder will not see the light of day, but some are good enough to be expounded upon further and then written to the point of publishing.

I love using Evernote for keeping ideas. I heard Stephen Pavlovich talk about this at Searchlove last year, but I had been using it long before that. I highly recommend using Evernote wherever possible, including on your computer, your phone, your iPad, and wherever else possible. I’ve written almost whole blog posts on the New York City subway, hurtling under Brooklyn and Manhattan, on my commute when an idea strikes. In fact, I wrote almost my whole post about Google+ from last July on the subway.

If you want to listen to the whole webinar, here you go. Enjoy. I’d love your feedback too:

Update – I tried to embed the video, but it would not work here. So, if you would like to watch it, it seems you must go here to watch.

Watch the webinar