Head-to-Head with Rand Fishkin and Will Critchlow at Mozcon

Rand and Will do this crazy thing at almost every SEOmoz and/or Distilled event: they pick a ridiculously abstract concept, prepare a deck that takes them insane numbers of hours, and then try to beat the other in order to earn an expensive dinner. Wow. If we add up the hours they took to make their decks plus the price of dinner, I think we get about this much money:

Title: Stealing from the Web’s Best

This time’s title was “Stealing from the Web’s Best”. They each put together a deck that fit their own personal style. Rand gave us 10 points to consider when stealing from the web’s best and creating and acquiring links and linkworthy content. Because shares today equal reach, Rand would rather have a lot of engaged followers than rank for his top 20 keywords. This surprised me, but held true with his presentation. Social is power.

Here’s his Storify:

Will Critchlow

Will Critchlow, one of the co-founders of Distilled, then took to the stage. I’ve seen Will speak a few times, and this time he brought the heat. His combination of solid material and British humor had the crowd laughing numerous times as he shared hilarious, and brilliant, examples from around the Internet.

And of course, throughout Will’s presentation was the hilarity of Ian Lurie (@portentint) keeping score via RPG lingo. Read for some incredible content and hilarious tweets.

Here’s his Storify: