HireGun Launched Today

Today I launched HireGun (now known as Credo) to the world via Medium and Product Hunt. It has been quite the road to get to this point, most of which I wrote about over on Medium, so I recommend you go there to read the full story.


I’m excited to have it out to the world. I am excited to see where it goes. I think it could be big, as it works and people on both sides of the marketplace get value from it. I love seeing comments like this:

brandon-hiregun sean-smith-hiregun

Today I am grateful. Grateful to have a great life, a wife who supports me, friends and peers in the industry who support me, and a vision for where the product will go.

I’ll likely do a full recap at some point, but today I am happy. We generated some new leads for the awesome HireGun partners, identified some pain points in the business, and ultimately pushed it forward for another day. I can feel the flywhee (via)l start to turn:


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