Intro to Personal Branding

I just published my longest post yet, The Personal Branding Post That Seth Godin Should Have Written. I was inspired by this post over on ViperChill about productivity. In an effort to do the man himself justice, I’ve written this teaser Godin-style. Now, go read the full post.

We’re all brands. Regardless of our job or location, what people think of us is our brand. You can control this brand, or this brand will control you. It works one way or the other, but not both.

Consistency. Presence. Reach. Expertise. All four of these are required to build and keep your personal brand. Without consistency, people can’t count on you. Without presence, no one will connect with you. Without reach, no one will find you. Without expertise, no one will learn from or trust you.

The choice is yours.

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