Don’t Let A Junior Technician Do Sales

One of the biggest mistakes I see agencies make is hiring the wrong person to do sales, thinking they can do it themselves alongside all of their other duties, or letting a junior person who expresses interest in sales take the reins and do it.

I created a video for all of you (I’m trying to do more video this year) explaining my thinking around why this is a bad idea, and how to go about vetting someone internally to see if they can do the job or if they’re going to need more training.

In this video I talk about:

  1. Why agencies often let junior people do sales, and why they shouldn’t;
  2. How to keep tabs on new or junior sales people to make sure they are on the right track;
  3. Why sales is the most important role in an agency.

Enjoy, and I’d love your thoughts and questions in the comments!

Check out the full video here.