Leveraging Community for Social + SEO Boosts with Kristy Bolsinger

Kristy Bolsinger is a Social Business Consultant with Ant’s Eye View in Seattle. A well known and loved face on the conference circuit, Kristy gave an inspired talk about engaging with, measuring, and leveraging your community for both a social boost and SEO productivity. She focused on everything from tools to monitor your community, ways to get in front of your audience, and then measuring your audience using data. I also love that her Twitter handle is just her first name. She’s a baller.

Here’s her Storify recap:

2 thoughts on “Leveraging Community for Social + SEO Boosts with Kristy Bolsinger

  1. I really like how you put this recap up…from a content perspective. Great way to get coverage up that is curated and relevant. Does Storify give you the embed code or did you do that manually?

    1. Thanks Kristy! I was fruit to figure out a solutionthat would fit two criteria: 1) be something I had not seen done before (a recap done this way, that is), and 2) something that would not require a ton of effort from me. My Linklove recaps took me 15hrs, and that was 1 day of Mozcon-levels presentations! These recaps (all 3 days) still took 12-14hrs total but I still got in all the content.

      And no, I did not write the scripts myself. Storify provides those. Double win!

      Was great to meet you and thanks for the comment. Say hello to your 125lb marshmallow of a dog for me 🙂

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