SEO Presentation from General Assembly

On Sunday I taught a class at General Assembly, a startup incubator, to a group of Chinese entrepreneurs from the 2012 ECSEL Fellows Program. Basically, they are all entrepreneurs who are running companies that have been dubbed as important to the Chinese future and are pushing forward in their respective industries to make change. Some of them are dealing with green technology, others with healthcare, and still others trying to solve environmental issues.

Here’s the presentation. I’d love to know your thoughts, and yes, I will write a post about “linkbranding”, which you see on slide 79. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “SEO Presentation from General Assembly

  1. Thanks for leaving the presentation, John. I cohort of mine writes upon ISEO regularly and any differences in approach are of course of interest to me.

    As an entrepreneur yourself, did you notice any stark differences between the foreign entrepreneurs’ interests toward SEO and those of American entrepreneurs? Are some of their basic concerns akin to firms in America? Any perceived likenesses or differences would be appreciated.

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