Who’s excited about the Distilled Conference – London

Once upon a time, in a land far far away…

This is the way fairytales or deep epic stories begin usually, right? Well this is neither. The far, far away bit is true, though, if you live in the States.

I’m talking about the Distilled Linkbuilding Conference that is being held in London, England (yes, there is more than 1 in the world) on March 18th. If you haven’t heard of Distilled, you are obviously not on Twitter or reading anything put out by SEOmoz.

Distilled took over SEOmoz’s consulting wing a year or two ago and since then have been making a name for themselves, working with high-profile clients and encouraging their staff to innovate and write ground-breaking content.

Why am I excited?

I am personally excited to attend the conference because I am sure that the material presented will be world-class. I’ll be honest, at this point, linkbuilding is not my strong suit. I was trained as a web developer, so I am much more comfortable digging around in code and dealing with semantics of keywords. To succeed in the SEO field, however, one must know how to build links (and I’m not just talking about cold emails). This is why I am going.

The world of SEO moves because of linkbuilding (yes, and on-site optimization and keyword research), but without inbound links to websites, the rankings are not going to come. After reading Tom Critchlow’s post called How To Build Agile SEO Tools Using Google Docs, I have made sure to pay attention everytime Tom or his brother Will, who wrote a great blog for the SEOmoz blog called Linkbuilding Training: Strategies, Tactics, and Tips a while back, speaks up (or tweets up, or writes up). Basically, if they speak, I listen.

The speaker list is not long (after all, it’s a one-day seminar), but if the names that are showing up at the conference count for anything, this conference has to worth attending. After all, the speakers are rounded out by Rand Fishkin (SEOmoz CEO), Wil Reynolds (SEER Interactive Founder, out of Philly!), Paddy Moogan (a Distilled employee who writes accessible and insightful blogs), and a few others.

My point is, this conference is only a day long, so the information is going to come fast and furious. It will probably be like hooking yourself up to a firehose of information. All attendees should come with a laptop configured and ready to go, because I am sure that we are going to learn some amazing tactics.

A Little Thanks

Let me take a moment to thank the Distilled team for answering my questions when I was trying to figure out if it would be possible for me to attend. Thanks much to Paddy Moogan (@paddymoogan) and Lynsey Little (@lynslittle). You guys rock and I’m looking forward to meeting you in person.

How To Sign Up

To sign up, go to the Distilled Linkbuilding Conference page and fill out the form. Tickets are still available for the London seminar (I think the New Orleans tickets are sold out*UPDATE* according to Tom, New Orleans tickets are still available and selling fast!), and SEOmoz Pro Members (you do have a membership, don’t you?) get a discount of 100 GBP.

See you there!

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