My New Job at Distilled

Distilled UK*Note – this post contains no SEO tips or tricks or ideas. It’s strictly informational and I am extremely excited about it*

It seems that I mention Distilled quite a bit on my blog. I accuse them of stealing my page titles, I recapped their London conference, and today I must mention them again.


Because I am joining Distilled and moving to New York to work with Tom Critchlow and some others in the new East Coast office!

This is supposed to show excitement. Photo from Flickr

I am unbelievably excited by this opportunity. Ever since I started full-time in the SEO world six months ago, after a background in web development, software customer support, and running a book publishing company in Switzerland, I have read as much as I can about SEO and tried to engage with as many people as possible on Twitter. Of course, the good people at Distilled have been a huge part of this.

I am excited to work alongside Tom Critchlow and to have access to working with some large brands, building and executing SEO strategies. I know Tom will challenge myself and the rest of the team every day. I also think that moving to New York is a great opportunity for Distilled, and for me personally, to plug into the technology world. We’ll start out small and grow as we need to grow.

What I’ll Be Doing

I will be an SEO Consultant in the New York City office, working directly with clients on strategies for improving their visibility in the Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs for the non-SEOs reading this) as well as driving more traffic to their websites while increasing conversions. Our goal is to work with these websites and brands to improve their online presence as it relates to their overall company direction.

The Distilled Culture

Distilled is all about hiring the best people to work in the best company. They are constantly striving to be better. Part of this happens through unique and interesting ways to motivate employees, in ways that do not feel like motivation.

Tom wrote a great post over on OnStartups (that I commented on) about a few of the internal memes. Distilled has a Duck of Awesomeness that is passed around the office when someone does something awesome (duh).

I also recently found out that they have a Robot of Ownership, which is also passed around when someone takes ownership of an issue/problem or finds a cool new way of doing things, or generally just owns at life. Here’s a sweet picture that Justin Briggs sent to me the other day:

The Robot of Ownership

NYC is Hiring!

Are you a super cool person who is smart, hard working, passionate about technology and the Interwebz, communicates well with others, and wants to do cool things with their career?

The New York City office is hiring! You should apply NOW.

7 thoughts on “My New Job at Distilled

  1. Oh, big congrats! Had read you’d got a new SEO job but didn’t for a second think it’d be for Distilled, what a great opportunity. Good luck with it!

  2. Fantastic John, thats a great news. Not only distilled but I think you can also work or help the SEOmoz team who are collaborated with them.

    Btw, how was your interview? What questions they asked you?

    Wishing you all the best for your future success 🙂

  3. Thanks guys. I’m very excited to get “stuck in” as the British say (I’m sure I’ll pick up a lot of these sayings…)

    Hyderali – thanks! I will be an SEOmoz Associate since I am working for Distilled, so it will be cool to get to know the team there and to write on their blog from time to time.

  4. Aww mate I am so happy for you, that’s awesome news!!! Have fun over in New York, and let me know if you still want to do that life-swap – you just upped the ante!!

    1. Thanks, Dan! I really appreciate it. I will keep that lifeswap in mind! Or, just come visit us in NY. I’m sure Tom would love to have another Brit drop by!

  5. John,

    Sorry for the delayed response,but great news nonetheless. Think I heard something about it on Twitter.

    Anyway, you’ll have to be the Philly SEO Grail’s “Inside Man” in NYC… Funnel us all the straight dope.

    Talk to you soon.

    1. Hey thanks Bill. I am quite excited about it!

      I’ll definitely stay in touch with you guys. Tom Harari and I have thrown around the idea of an NYC SEO Grail. Eppie thinks it’s a great idea!

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