What Blogs Should I Read to Learn SEO?

Reading_graphicI’ve been asked a few times what blogs I have been reading to increase my knowledge of SEO. I’ve decided to put together a list here of blogs that I subscribe to via RSS.

The Lucky 13 Blogs I Read via RSS

SEOmoz: If you don’t know that SEOmoz has an incredible blog with the smartest minds in the industry sharing their great thoughts and actionable tips, you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past few years.

YOUmoz: YOUmoz is SEOmoz’s user generated blog, where users can submit their own studies and thoughts. If the post is well received by the community, it will be upgraded to the main blog.

Distilled: (disclosure: I was recently hired as an SEO Consultant at Distilled, but I have been reading their blog for many months) Distilled’s blog contains the thoughts from the many excellent SEOs and thinkers who work there. I have always found the tips contained here to be incredibly useful.

Michael Gray: Michael Gray is a great SEO who writes some very useful content. He also repurposes a lot of his old stuff onto Twitter, so you can find his old writings easily.

Search Engine Watch: SearchEngineWatch brings news about all things search, and not just Google. They offer interesting news and insights into local, global, and international SEO. If you want to keep up on the broader news of search, subscribe to this blog.

Search Engine Journal: SearchEngineJournal is action-oriented and frequently publishes articles containing useful tools to investigate to make your SEO life easier.

Copyblogger: If you care about SEO copywriting, Copyblogger can bring some value to your Reader.

Google Webmaster Central Blog: All SEOs should follow the Google Webmaster Central Blogspot blog. Here you receive updates directly from the Google team.

Outspoken Media: Lisa Barone writes some interestingly actionable tips about SEO, as well as live blogs many conferences. There is a constant stream (and balance) of useful information and good writing.

Dave Naylor’s SEO Blog: Dave Naylor’s (based in the UK) blog is not updated too frequently, but every new article contains good tips.

SEO by the Sea: Bill Slawski (a fellow Virginian) keeps us up-to-date about more interesting search news. He is known to post about new Google patents and other parts of the industry that not many others have the wherewithall to cover.

Yoast (for WordPress): If you have developed anything using WordPress, you should follow Yoast. He is known best in SEO circles for his Yoast SEO plugin (which I use on this site and think is amazing), but he also brings good news and has some entertaining (and valuable) rants.

What About You?

What about you? What blogs do you subscribe to via your RSS/Google Reader to keep you up-to-date about industry happenings as well as to learn new information? Leave them in the comments and provide the value to the rest of us!

13 thoughts on “What Blogs Should I Read to Learn SEO?

  1. I hadn’t come across Wiep Knol till I saw him speak at PRO SEO London last October. The guy just understands link building in and out – highly recommend his blog, because:

    – Monthly roundups of big link building posts
    – Really smart, actionable posts
    – Fantastic insight into the world of SEO

    Go read + subscribe: http://wiep.net/

    1. Thanks for the comment and recommendation, Ed! I actually just started following him on Twitter last week at my friend Tom Harari’s recommendation, but have not subscribed to his RSS yet. *scurries off to do so*


    1. All great recommendations, Jason! I read most of these as well, though usually when the links come up on Twitter. Thank you for sharing your list!

      *scurries off to add them*

  2. Hi John,

    Thanks for including SEO by the Sea in your list of blogs to read to learn SEO. SEO is definitely one of those professions where you need to keep on learning, and I spend a good part of my day looking through RSS feeds and white papers and patents everyday.

    I love looking through search-related patents, even if some of them might be a few years old, because they often add insights into SEO from the perspective of search engineers instead of search marketers.

    I’d post my list of blogs I’m subscribed to, but there are more than a thousand of them. I find it useful to include topics other than just SEO and search marketing, including the different blogs from the search engines, and others on design, usability, developing, and marketing. Your list and Jason’s suggestions are good starts.

    1. Hi Bill –
      Thanks for the comment! Search patents are definitely interesting, and I am glad that you enjoy looking through them and share your thoughts. They are indeed valuable!

      Usability is one area that I think a lot of SEOs are weak. Could you provide a couple of blogs that you read about this? I read KISSinsights and CrazyEgg, but do you have others that are not as well known?

    1. Thanks, Bill! These are great resources. I am going to put together a “Recommended Reading” post that contains all of these suggestions.

      I appreciate your contribution to the discussion!

  3. OH.. a huge resource list for a budding SEO Consultant. Thanks for putting up such a list. The comments are also very useful. I will be compiling them all in my mine as well. I will credit you as the source.

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  5. Well all these blogs do give you a fair idea of what SEO is all about, but the real dice starts rolling when you get into the game. You sit on one side, and on the other side are all your big shot rivals, while the almighty Google plays the referee. It is sheer hard work and definitely lot of fun.

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